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Christian Book Promotion Videos: The newest way to promote your book is with video promotions! These videos are called Book Trailers. They are like a Movie Trailer like you see in Theaters or on TV promoting the hot new movies released to theaters & on DVD. Just like Movie Trailers, Book Trailers are designed to build interest in an upcoming or current book and to encourage people to buy the book it's promoting. The main difference is that a movie trailer already has visual images to work with - usually big movie moments explosions, fight scenes, a man proposing with tungsten rings, and many other scenes leaving a viewer wanting more.

With a book trailer, the maker can use the book cover, authors picture, appealing music to set the mood of the trailer and the written words into visual images. The trick is to convey a sense of what the book is about without giving anything away - and without really clearly defining what the characters look like, as most readers prefer to visualize what they are reading about as they imagine it themselves.
Most book trailers run from one to three minutes. They can be anything from the author reading a passage from the book, to an elaborate mini-movie. Lil Screen is here to produce that powerful book promotional Book trailer as an exciting new way of advertising and promoting your book.
Lil' Screen Christian Video Productions has a special on Christian Book Trailers. Our staff will produce up to a One Minute Book Trailer Video Promotion for just $149.95 for your Christian book. Then if you want we can also post your new video on YouTube to promote your Christian book to the world. Below are several recent book trailer promo videos we produced for clients.

Book promo video produced for Author, D. L. Bostick

These Special Book Promotional Video Packages include full music background with author and book cover graphics, photos you supply or we supply with custom graphics and transitions and info on book ordering and /or your website.
Note: that Xulon Press charges
$999. to  $1,399 for their Book trailers

Up to 1 minute book trailer Sale $149.95 (Reg. $199.95)

1-2 minute book trailer Sale $199.95  (Reg. $279.95)

Add Voice over  intro & outro  to your book trailer video
Sale $69.95  (Reg. $99.95)

Add Voice over to your 1 minute book trailer video
Sale $99.95 
(Reg. $149.95)

Add Voice over to your 2 minute book trailer video
Sale $149.95 
(Reg. $199.95)

We can add more custom features to your promotional video like custom narration, script  writing & voice over into & exit as well as full narration script & voice over actor to make a truly custom Christian book promotion video. Call us to discuss which features will promote your Christian book, Christian CD or Christian DVD best.
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This book promo video we produced
for Christian Author, Philip DelRe

Book promo video produced for Christian
Author, Rhonda McClenton

Book promo video produced for Author, Nick Costello

This book trailer was produced for
Christian author Jim Tunstall

This book promo video we produced for
Christian Author, Diane Wilson

One minute Book promo video we produced for
Christian Author, Arnold J. Petrosino

Two minute book promo video we produced
for Christian Author, Sandra Laborde

One minute book promo video we produced
for Christian Author, Lorrie Timbs


Three minute Ebook promo video we produced for
Christian Author, John Marinelli

To see more Christian Book trailers visit our Book Trailer Website

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